So What is A Defining Lifestyle?

So What is A Defining Lifestyle?

Right - we harp on quite a bit about our gear being for those with a defining lifestyle.  So we should probably explain what we mean.

Head to the dictionary and it’ll provide you with a number of definitions for lifestyle.  We quite like this one:  “the particular way that a person or group lives and the values and ideas supported by that person or group”.  

When we talk about a defining lifestyle we’re talking about values and ideas that are so strong and pervasive they change the core of your existence.  They have an impact on the decisions you make. They influence the food you eat, the words you use to express yourself...and the clothes you wear. When being described by others, if the defining lifestyle you have is strong enough it’ll be used to describe you as an individual:  “that’s Dave, he’s a surfer”.  

So why would our gear be for those with a defining lifestyle?  For example, why would a hoodie with no branding be made for a skateboarder?  Surely a skateboarder would prefer to wear something that announces he or she is a skateboarder?  Probably so, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Our gear is just a little different. We make it not to broadcast being part of a lifestyle but to support one.  Our hoodies and tees are made for the experience that goes with the lifestyle. They are made for the cold mornings when you head out to the skatepark and need a warm hoodie.  For the warm evenings on the beach when a simple t-shirt is all that is required. Branded gear can do that too of course. Which brings us to the next point.

Our gear is for defining lifestyles.  It is not for defining lifestyles. Which probably makes no sense at first.  What we mean is our gear is for your defining lifestyle.  It is not for defining your lifestyle.   We leave our gear blank because we’re the support act.  It’s the gear you can simply throw on without thinking about it because the forecast is for decent waves and you need to get out there.  Or because the slopes beckon and you just need a good hoodie to layer up underneath your jacket.  

There’s another reason.  We want everyone to #DreamBigLiveFree.  To feel free to follow their own path and do their own thing.  For us, that means you’re judged not by the brand of your hoodie when people meet you, rather your character and the way you act.  We want people to know who you are, not what you wear.  

There’s a problem with defining lifestyle though.  One we should address before we finish.  We do not support all defining lifestyles.  No Sir. We support defining lifestyles that exhibit a sense of freedom, can help us be better as individuals...and do others no harm.  That last bit is critical. We support lifestyles that do others no harm. A far right group provides a defining lifestyle but if that’s you, we don’t want you wearing our hoodies.  If you belong to a group or or are part of a lifestyle which exhibits values and ideas of hatred and harm, go shop somewhere else and wear something else. You are not welcome here.

Cloke is about freedom and fun.  We’re for the surfers, the skateboarders, the skiers, the mountain bikers, the musicians, the poets...the people whose lifestyle brings joy, happiness and more than a few laughs.  Because that is what we mean by a defining lifestyle.