We use #DreamBigLiveFree in social media posts and elsewhere.  We’d like to explain why.

The World Needs Dreamers

We live in a unique time.  Regardless of your political leanings, it has to be acknowledged there is great unrest.  People are pitching up and taking sides like no other time in recent memory. There is a polarising of opinion and viewpoints.  There is hatred and vitriol on both sides. There is an open anger, the threat of violence bubbling away under the surface. There is a risk of a clash of civilisations (note: there is nothing civilised about clashes) and you sense the stress levels of the global population is reaching a point of no return.  

So what do we do?  How do we deal with it all?  We dream. We dream big. In dreams we find the power to change our lives and those of the people around us.  In dreams we have the power to change the world and the course of mankind.  A dream can lead to an idea that sparks the change that results in groundbreaking science.   It creates art, music and great literature.  

We have to dream there is a better future for the planet and the people that inhabit it.  We have to step away from the confines of regular thinking and dream the impossible. Then make it possible.  

It starts with our own, individual lives.  We dream and step away from ordinary life. We throw off the shackles of conventional thought.  We look to the skies, close our eyes and let the unknown become known. At this moment in history, more than ever, we need people to have the courage to think different, act different and help the world be different.  

And that starts with a dream.  It starts with you dreaming about who and what you want to be.  Then being it. Imagine a world full of people living their best lives, living out their dreams.  Even if no society changing ideas come (and they will come) - the dreamers are happy and have no time for the petty politics of power-mongering that is everywhere at present.  

Live Your Best Life

Let’s live lives that are less ordinary.  We need to be free to live our lives on our own terms.  That doesn’t mean we disregard everyone and everything and act selfish.  It simply means we choose to be free from the norms that dictate we must live a certain way.  It means we choose freedom. So live a life less ordinary. Live a life free from prejudice. Free from hate. Free from resentment.  Free from restriction and confinement of ideas.